Iron Man: Armored Adventures Season 1 Dual Audio [Hindi-Eng] WEB-DL 720p & 1080p HD ESub

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[1080p | 720p | Hindi-Eng | WEB-DL ]
Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure
Creators: Craig Kyle, Christopher L. Yost, Romain van Liemt
Network: Marvel HQ India
Running time: 22min
Language: English – Hindi [Org. DTH Audio] 
Subtitle: English [Softcoded]
Quality: 1080p | 720p HD | WEB-DL x264

Synopsis: A teenage Tony Stark battles evil with his revolutionary power armor technology.

Ep.3 Audio Credits – TheAnimeChannel [Thanks]

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Episode 1: Iron, Forged in Fire – Part 1
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [143MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [272MB]

Episode 2: Iron, Forged in Fire – Part 2
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [153MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [288MB]

Episode 3: Secrets and Lies
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [140MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [258MB]

Episode 4: Cold War
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [148MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [285MB]

Episode 5: Whiplash
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [143MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [276MB]

Episode 6: Iron Man vs. the Crimson Dynamo
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [165MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [324MB]

Episode 7: Meltdown
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [152MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [286MB]

Episode 8: Field Trip
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [126MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [234MB]

Episode 9: Ancient History 101
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [154MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [298MB]

Episode 10: Ready, A.I.M., Fire
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [142MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [266MB]

Episode 11: Masquerade
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [149MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [295MB]

Episode 12: Seeing Red
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [136MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [268MB]

Episode 13: Hide and Seek
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [153MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [293MB]

Episode 14: Man and Iron Man
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [159MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [295MB]

Episode 15: Panther’s Prey
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [144MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [271MB]

Episode 16: Fun with Lasers
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [174MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [331MB]

Episode 17: Chasing Ghosts
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [131MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [248MB]

Episode 18: Pepper, Interrupted
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [133MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [251MB]

Episode 19: Technovore
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [168MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [322MB]

Episode 20: World on Fire
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [159MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [320MB]

Episode 21: Designed Only for Chaos
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [192MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [362MB]

Episode 22: Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [150MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [293MB]

Episode 23: Uncontrollable
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [164MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [317MB]

Episode 24: Best Served Cold
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [142MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [278MB]

Episode 25: Tales of Suspense – Part 1
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [157MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [295MB]

Episode 26: Tales of Suspense – Part 2
Download 720p HD: GDrive | Mega [195MB]
Download 1080p HD: GDrive | Mega [379MB]
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