Animated Series Cartoon Network Completed Hindi Dub

Ben 10 (2005) Season 1 Multi Audio [Hindi-Eng-Tamil-Telugu] 720p & 1080p HD WEB-DL | HEVC x265

||Ben 10 Classic Original Hindi Audio||

[1080p | 720p | Hindi-English-Tamil-Telugu | WEB-DL]

Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure
Network: Cartoon Network/Netflix
Org. run: TV Series (2005–2008)
Running time: 23min
Language: English – Tamil – Telugu – Hindi [Org. Audio]
Episodes: 13
Subtitle: N/A
Quality: 1080p FHD | 720p HEVC | NF WEB-DL
Credits: Knight372 [Thanks]

Synopsis: The story of Ben Tennyson, a typical kid who becomes very atypical after he discovers the Omnitrix, a mysterious alien device with the power to transform the wearer into ten different alien species.

||Download Ben 10 Classic Episodes in Hindi Multi Audio||

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[720p HD x264 230MB Each]

[Ep.01-13] MirrorΒ | Gofile | Mega | GDrive

[720p HEVC x265 190MB Each]

[Ep.01-13] Mirror | Gofile | Mega | GDrive

[1080p FHD x264 500MB Each]

[Ep.01-13] Bayfiles | Gofile | Mega | GDrive

||720p HD x264 Complete Pack Single Zip File||

GDrive[Tot] | GDrive[Share] | Gofile | Bayfiles | Letsupload | Usersdrive | Uptobox [Size: 3GB]

||720p HEVC x265 Complete Pack Single Zip File||

GDrive[Tot] | GDrive[Share] | Gofile | Bayfiles | Letsupload | Usersdrive | Uptobox [Size: 2.43GB]

||1080p FHD x264 Complete Pack Single Zip File||

PART 1 [Ep.01-07] GDrive[Tot] | GDrive[Share] | Gofile | Bayfiles | Letsupload | Usersdrive | Uptobox [Size: 3.45GB]
PART 2 [Ep.08-13] GDrive[Tot] | GDrive[Share] | Gofile | Bayfiles | Letsupload | Usersdrive | Uptobox [Size: 3.10GB]



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  • Eagerly Waiting For Ben 10 AF Pls Update us! I am ur very watcher and i only believe in your work plss Bless us with Ben 10 AF As Soon As Possible !
    Love Your Work & Support Forever!

  • Bhai ek dum confidence se bol rahe hain kal ben 10 alien force upload kar denge, but I am waiting for kid vs kat season 2.
    Jab alien force ho jaye bhai to vo bhi kar dena.

    • I can upload only if it’s available in any OTT platform. I cannot record or sync tamil audio. This site is mainly for Hindi shows.

  • Dude no one asked for ben 10 classic , you uploaded it, everyone is asking for ben 10 AF all seasons, you’re stalling to upload it since weeks, are you having fun disappointing us and I’ve watched ben 10 classic all 4 seasons twice, first from dti and 2nd from your site

    • How do you know that no one requested? I started uploading Ben 10 AF, UA & Omniverse only because people requested including Classic series.
      Encoding classic took 12 hours, it’s NF Rip so i didn’t had to sync the audio but Alien Force taking time due to audio syncing & many other reasons and i already told that i will upload Season 1 tomorrow. Bina soche samjhe comment mat karo.

      • You’re replying about it now and class series isn’t needed much but AF is in high demand because it isn’t uploaded by anyone since now and btw vootkids/amzn doesn’t has AF, you can get it from there
        Sorry if I hurt your sentiments!

      • Bro ! Ben 10 AF S02 and S03 is available on amazon prime So it will save your time to upload S02 & S03 !

        As always appreciate your work and supporting it as much as i can.

        Hope you will soon bless us with Ben 10 AF S02 & S03 Too.

        Apart from that I also requested Ben 10 classic series NF version 😁 Thanks !

  • Tension not, I have faith on admin bhai that he will surely upload kid vs kat season 2 as soon as he gets it. Karogey na admin bhai?

  • Sir please app apnea pro project list mea doraemon season 7 and 8 leake lea sir please

  • Hey dude… Ben 10 Classic season 4 you’ve uploaded that is not a good stuff… Becoz it has too high brightness and sharpness, so we can’t watch many glowing things in season 4 clearly… I think that season 4 is shit, Remastered version! So i’m requesting you to please replace that season 4 with some other Original version, not remastered! Original version episodes available on many platforms like Prime Video, Voot, HBO MAX, Hulu…. So please take my request seriously….. And thanks buddy for this NF season 1πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    • Last time telling you. I already encoded Season 4. Quality is decent according to me. So i am not going to do the same thing again.

  • Okey okey…. Just Relex man… Don’t be angry dude… But can you please add Season 4 in Voot Kids version… Becoz voot kids have already synced episodes there… So you’ll not face syncing problem…

  • Hey brother… I think you’re still angry with me… That’s why you’ve ignored my little request… I’m not asking too much dude… Just requesting for season 4 only…!!! And you’re not giving me any response😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Bro please rip all the ben 10 classic seasons in 1080p 10bit x265 HEVC with Dual Audio
    Please its a humble request